Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If Sachin becomes Hitler.........India will convert to Nazi.....

This would have been my last blog if I substitute some other names instead of Sachin.

"Welcome to India"....naa...."welcome to land of sachin"....this was the welcome message by my cricket crazy brother as i arrived back from London last month. Times of India was the first thing I had when I reached my room and there was the 5'5" man with the tallest stature in the country, everywhere in the newspaper, right there in the news channels. This man has potential to defeat Kim Jong in North Korea in dictatorship elections if Koreans start watching cricket.

Sachin, a household name in the cricketing countries and a god in India has really been the most un-controversial and most liked celebrity of all times in India. He is really a celebrity among celebrities. What makes him acquire such a cult size in the country of various ethinicities ?

My mathematical calculations is all failed in this assessment. One important factor that i see favoring the man was - he was a batsman and first star of developing india of 1990's. Sunny Gavaskar's batting also made whole country dance to his music but Gavaskar is just a fraction of what sachin can dig out. Again, the sweet innocent personality of barely crossing teenage still calls for a band of followers. Next the arrival of fast ODI in 1990's from slow test affected ODI in 1980's and simultaneous fire powering way of sachin's batting made him a hero of population-big thinking-small country. His magnificient talent in both versions of cricket added to the glory. Well thats just 3-4 verses of "Sachin-mahabharta" and just he is Sachin makes every reason small thereafter.

Well now after 20 glorious years of carrying a billion expectations everytime and still maintaining a high success rate can make anyone star. So now he is a star, sorry mega star or whatever star he may be, there is one established truth...Sachin is ahead of everyother personality in this country.

I suggest this guy to be a dictator after he retires from the game. There is no provision in our constitution to become a dictator but still he can be democratically elected to the highest ranks in the government and then pass an "enabling act" (referred to enabling act of hitler) and acquire every power.

Now after the guy is set as a dictator, everything in this country is under Sachin and we swear by his name, mothers prefer "sachin" as the name of their first male child, colleges & universities go by his name and everything now on and around this guy.

This could also be favorable to internal policies as there is no point of opposing anything passed and authorised by Sachin. And we can really progress in many fields as there wont be any hurdle if once said by Him. "Sachin can never be wrong"

..........This is just an illusion and i in this real world know that nothing as such is going to happen but this is my tribute to my favorite player and favorite in every list he is eligible for. I can seriously argue that if Sachin follows towards any way, there are millions in this country who will blindly follow him......Amen Sachin...Heil Sachin

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