Friday, November 20, 2009

Pakistan's veto power at security council...

For students who are preparing for any general knowledge test may update their information about the latest security council restructuring.

Last year, after the 26/11 massacre at Mumbai; sites, blogs, newspapers etc. were all filled with the famous Pakistani charitable organisation Jama’at-ud Dawa. Well now when the name is in the air against such jihad work at Mumbai, awaam of Pakistan needed clarification in support of their beloved organisation that is paying for clothes of over a million Pakistanis.

Finally, Pakistan did a great service by heeding the voice of the international community in general, and China in particular, by taking action against the organisations banned on Wednesday by the Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council: Jama’at-ud Dawa and Jaish-e Muhammad. Pakistanis were so shocked as outreach of Jama’at-ud Dawa in the country after its “education” and charity institutions were raided on Thursday in compliance with the UN Security Council ban. In fact, action had begun before Thursday after Pakistan became aware of the extent to which Dawa-Lashkar was possibly involved in the Mumbai attacks.

But the point to be considered is, where was the world community since long as these organisations under the cover of charities
(which i accept they sometimes really do), propagate their ideas of jihad and really formulate them in violent struggles. An interesting findings were discovered.

Earlier Jama’at-ud Dawa was restricted at the Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council but was saved by a Chinese veto every time the matter was brought up by affected states. It was accused of being involved in terrorism in the UK, and there was a scandal in 2005 of large sums of money being funnelled as charity funds during the earthquake in Pakistan, which were actually remitted to Dawa. Dawa was noted for the conspicuous act of leading the funeral prayer in absentia in Lahore for Al Qaeda’s sectarian terrorist Zarqawi after his death in Iraq. After that, Dawa warriors were noticed in Iraq too. Of course Dawa claimed that it was a new organisation and had nothing to do with Lashkar-e Tayba that was allegedly carrying out terrorist acts, and was based in Indian-administered Kashmir. Also, UK government findings showed charity contributions of up to 3 million pounds annually to the Dawa-Lashkar recipients in Pakistan ( we may better understand where the hell this money goes).....

Now well this is really great for Pakistan. Well they don't have any economic issues in the world as there economy is crippled, no manufacturing industry (other than crude ammo). Now they have only one issue in the world, to bleed India by thousand wounds. And they have a friend in the name of pseudo communist Zhongguo (China)......They do form a phenomenal alliance by vetoing the issues of mutual benefits and giving an extraordinary support to Pakistan. I wish we could find someone like that.

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