Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some are born great; Some achieve greatness; Some marry great.....

Last week, I was going through the newspaper, suddenly I was jealous of the pictures in it. I was not happy watching people praising 'great people'. But my friend consoled me and told "Never mind are not great enough to have your picture in the newspapers". Well what should i do to be great?

Turning the pages I saw Rahul Gandhi termed as future prime minister of the largest democracy in the world. I dont know what did he do but some analysts say that he is instrumental in bringing congress from the death bed to a live bomb in government deciding state of Uttar Pradesh. But how did this pseudo-indian lad do this and why was he chosen for the job. Well my usual curiosity ends up with some time on the creation of larry page and sergey brin - google. I found that this man is the son of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, grandson of the greatest Indian leader (as it was on the site) Indira Gandhi and still there was one more Prime Minister in his family who was even instrumental in Indian Independence struggle, Jawahar Lal Nehru. Googling further I found that more than 50% of public places names in the country were divided in these three men and some more to other petty family members. Now if by mistake I consider Mahatama Gandhi to be a part of this family, 95% of indian awards and public names are gone. So it was not difficult for me now to guess who this guy was and what still he can do. Back to my newspaper. Some are born great.

Irritatingly, I returned to my washroom with newspaper still in my hand. Politics is all for ‘born great’ people. Sports may be my destination. Here again a boy of same height was everywhere on the pages. He was being hailed as greatest Indian sports icon, once in century, everywhere and every corner was singing about him. He was an indian (not maharashtrian) named - Sachin Tendulkar. Hitler, after fall of France may even become shy seeing the praise of a non-aryan by his non-aryan countrymen. Reading his songs throughout the newspaper cost me 20 dear minutes in washroom and i realised it when it was unbearable there. I did not even dare to google about this man. Everything a man could write about someone in praise was there. Well, coming out my hopes to be great were slimming down. Some achieve greatness.

Back in my balcony, with a cup of tea, I turned over to international news section and found some more bomb blasts in my favorite cricket nation (after India) - Pakistan. Well i think they have some local championship in pakistan to defuse bombs and well there are even ads on pakistani blogs about "10 simple ways to make a bomb", "Get into al-qaida through a crash course (100% placement record)" ..............(Thanks to British in dividing my country and that prompted my ancestors to migrate to non-communist India). There were ahell lot of articles about the deadly blast in peshawar and then suddenly i realised my original intention to hole up the international section. There was this man who was an eminent personality of Pakistan with a smiling face consoling pakistani awaam with future bright prospects of the jamhuriyat-e-pakistan. Well this man attracted me and i googled about him. My love for google got a blow as there was nothing much about him on web, his father was not Nehru, he did not score a single run, rather he was the husband of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto. I googled her and she was an equivalence of Indira Gandhi from India and the picture was clear to me. There was my man of the day. Easiest way to be great. My idol was this man - Asif Ali Bhutto. Who cares in putting your wife's surname after me in exchange of the deal. Thats the way to be famous. Let great people take birth, let sachin score runs and become great....I am going to marry great......cheers to god..


  1. So rajat sachdeva,don u now feel d greatness around you after hookin up with this title??

  2. :D I echo Puneet's comment! Anyway, dude, greatness is VERY circumstantial, and subjective. I say, Tendulkar is great, because he does what he does best, honing his talent through effort and practice. Gandhi(s) and the rest, I don't care about. I neither denounce nor elevate them. They are just politicians, and very few politicians deserve a 'great' tag.