Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do you want to commit suicide?....Say "Yes".....

Why are we living? Why are we breathing? Why are we polluting? Why everything that should not happen is happening? Where is peace? There are tears. There is sadness. There is poverty. There is death.

Look around, look over, look whole world over and what you find is hell lot of miseries. Deaths are uncountable. Sadness is widespread. Americans are reeling under debt, Europeans fighting with their ego and long-gone glory, Africa is burning right from Sudan to South Africa, South Asia burdened with naked poverty, China has uncountable internal strifes.........everywhere you have loads of miseries....whats the reason to be alive......I see all of you are alive because you took birth....but that should not be the reason to live....if you cant do anything....if you cannot fight ills, terrorism, recession.....why are you even thinking to live....

I met a boy(looked like a man) on a metro some days back......and life seemed to be more deep. A graduate from en engineering college had spent 4 year of tireless working with his engineering subjects. I could imagine his mental work too. Expenses included everything from an underwear to heavy college fees. 6 lacs gone over 4 years and nowhere to eat and sleep now. In city of 15 million he is more intelligent than 90% of people and still he is fighting for every inch of life. What can he do more? Luck. Fuck Luck. Its misery. No solution, this is life papi......papi life....and still alive....

Talk to any man you know.....his expenses are never met by his planning and running is tough....his wife threatens owing to her compromised life.....and still man is alive....look at the common security is rather insecure....common place walk-talk may be accompanied by a bomb blast....idiots rule the country.....we have more issues unresolved than anything solved...job was you dont have....debts are over credit limit....even history books say bullshit of the past....wars, genocides, many won, more than that lost.....dont even know the names of countless dead....whats good then....actually nothing.....

And look at the boys always short of money and girls always short of good boys and dresses.....good boys always short of enthusiasm to get those girls....Job seekers and freshers always lie about their salaries and prestige of their goers are always satisfied with standards of their college to show off but are always having a 1000 number list of bullshits internally.....what to do........write a blog.....

this is what i see these days......miseries are more but time is less.....again a new misery....every body has a plan....nobody has success....misery....and more misery.....and you want to live....

well nothing else.......above lines are what we see in our lives....and this is how everybody's life goes....though words are different but still emotions are same.....and still we live....and still we fight and best is we win.......optimism.....always have it...these miseries are seasons of our life.....but every season has its own charm.....charm....attraction. Its our way to look at everything, we win only after we dont see them or ignore them or better fight them.....we win.......we dont commit suicide......we live........we enjoy.....we succeed.....we miss them again....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Things you must know...1) World Climate Drama..

Heloooo everyone...climate this...climate cut...a lot of climate talks in the air....what is this all about and as far as i understand from the questions i have to face....lets see what is actually this world climate drama......

Years back in 18th and 19th century when Industrial Revolution broke out in Europe, world started to take a different shape. Social conditions were severely changed through these economic effects of industrial revolutions. Leading the charge was western european countries including Britain, France, Germany, Spain etc. These countries started to improve their social standards through the new scientific and technological means. The quick advancements of Western European nations soon transformed them into industrial mights with technology as the key to their dominance in future. These nations started to spread use of technology to their colonies throughout the world including India, US, Australia, Canada etc. US later became an independent nation and had its own band of intellectuals who were also in tune with the european scientists and made several technological achievements. BY the beginning of 20th century Britain, France, Germany, US, Spain, Dutch, Belgium and only country from rest of the world - Japan were technological advanced and had special capabilities due to their dominant industrial strength compared to medieval age technologies of asia, africa and south america. Thus productions increased massively by supply of cheap labour from around the world and these nations produced modern mechanised goods to improve the standard pf social livings of their countries.

World War 2 - being watershed for most of the modern day events - resulted in the end of European colonial regime and new nascent nations throughout the world evolved inhereting their colonial master's cultural, economical and social traditions. But technological culture was not the same as most of the technologies evolved was by Europeans and after exiting the colonial stage, scientific researches and advancements followed by these new nations were outdated and thus their tech-march stopped but developed industrial states being master of this weapon carried on their scientific researches with thumping successes and still dominate the world community.

Now between these social-economic changes the ill-effects of these technological addresses commonly called factories gave by-products which were unhealthy to human population. So these factories were located generally in no-man's land outside the peripheral of cities. But this was not the solution of the problem and was just extension as now the nature started to bear these by-products. Initially the levels of these by-products commonly called "pollutants" was very low as compared to healing capacity of nature. So until start of 20th century there was no visible harm of strong scale. But 20th century witnessed massive industrial productions and rapid tech advancements. Add to it the devastations of 2 world wars compounded with mammoth productions of advanced weapons made this world unhealthy place to sit in. Again after WW-2, these productions of war machines even excelled and alongwith it more fields of technologies were created which aimed at converting this world to mechanised world. By 1970's backward nations till 1950 also joined the band to grow as industrial mights. Addition of India and China to this league which is home to around 35% of world population, even dwarfed the european productions by the last decade of 20th century and has overtaken most to hit top 5 slots in pollution.

But now the pollutants were in formidable capacity to hurt the balance of nature. Scientists who were the mothers of these pollutants now started to amend their mistakes by neutralising them. Not much has happened rather these anti-pollution rallies have ended up in raking millions of dollars and aiding capitalism in this field. Still world community came forward at times to hold their hands together in making this world a cleaner place for future generations to grow.

First effort in this direction by global community towards environmental protection was the organisation of "UN conference on Human Environment" at Stockholm in 1972. This generated awareness among policy makers throughout the world over the importance of protection of environment. This resulted in many measures taken by national governments in this regard. A United Nations Environment Pro gramme was set up after this, which continue to act as global catalyst for action to protect the environment. In 1983, UN UN set up World Commission o Environment and Development, headed by Harlem Brundtlad of Norway and submitted its report advocating the concept of "sustainable development" on an alternative approach to one based on economic growth.

Followed these efforts which were just theoretical and ideal in nature, more effort was needed to face the menace. Smart governments merely cried some beautiful lines in support of these efforts without any concrete step in attaining this development. Though some western organisations and some factions of government started taking this seriously but still nobody was ready to compromise with industrial production which would definitely stall their growth.

Next big step or rather the real framework was designed in 1992 at Brazilian city of Rio de Jannerio from June 3-22, 1992. Some 178 countries and more environmental organisations participated in the summit. On the basis of long deliberations involving various stakeholders from different communities a 5 specific point resolution was finalised. These included Agenda 21, which presents a framework for protection of environment in 21st century; Rio Declaration, which aimed at adopting practices for sustainable development; Protection of Forests, Biodiversity Convention and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which called upon developed countries to adopt further measures to reduce further emission of greenhouse gases.

Then came in Kyoto Protocol which was in effect a real concrete step by world community in facing the challenge. This consists of 28 articles and committed developed countries to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions by at least 5% below 1990 levels in the period 2008-2012. It should be prominently noted that US has not ratified the treaty and majority of developed nations has failed to meet the targets promised. This protocol laid special emphasis on responsibilities of the developed countries and made them responsible for degrading the world green health. One must surely read the article about KYOTO PROTOCOL to have a deeper understanding of this effort.

The came Bali Plan of Action - Dec. 2007 which was attended by around 10,000 delegates from 190 countries and other organisations. Due to irresponsible outlook of developed nations particularly US, no fresh targets could be finalised. Yet this presented an ambitious programme of multilateral work to tackle the challenge of climate change. Finally, participant countries agreed to continue with climate change negotiations and finalize new measures beyond 2012 at the Copenhagen Conference in Dec. 2009, which is about to start in few hours. The Bali Conference triggered an intensive series of negotiations leading up to Copenhagen Conference in Dec 2009. A small conference at Pozhnan, Poland took place in Dec. 2008 among many in last 2 years.

Now this was the history of world climate talks and conferences and i think one must now have a clear concept of what has happened since last centuries and in last few years which has resulted in world waiting Copenhagen conference starting on Dec 7, 2009.

Next in better understanding of this is differences between developed and developing countries on their future commitments which may result in collapse of this highly important climate talks. Developing countries want developed countries to bear the cuts in emissions as developed are responsible for majority of emissions. Again developing countries dont have enough financial resources to spend heavily on technology and other measures to counter these emissions, and thus they demand adequate financial assistance and technology to balance this out.

Again looking at some facts. As of August 27, 2008 China surpassed the United States as the biggest emitter in the world of CO2 from power generation, according to the Center for Global Development. On a per capita basis, however, the emission by the power sector in the U.S. is still nearly four times that in China. The top ten power sector emitters in the world in absolute terms are China, United States, India, Russia, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and South Korea. If the 27 member states of the European Union are counted as a single country, the E.U. would rank as the third biggest CO2 polluter, after China and the United States. In per capita terms, emissions from the U.S. power sector are the second highest in the world. The production of electricity in the U.S. produces about 9.5 tons of CO2 per person per year, compared to 2.4 tons per person per year in China, 0.6 in India, and 0.1 in Brazil. The average per capita emission from electricity and heat production in the E.U. is 3.3 tons per year. Only Australia, at greater than 10 tons per year, emits more power-related emissions per person than the U.S does.

Thus developing countries like China, India, South Africa though big in absolute numbers have low per capita emissions when compared to their huge dependent population. Thus its really unfair to expect cuts from India and othr developing countries. But lets see what happens.

Well this is what the current context of world climate change conference and i think i have incorporated enough data and simple language for a layman to understand real picture behind the stage since its birth.

Hope u guys enjoyed this...some links have also been embedded for more detailed reading...

And please do leave some comments to improve my future articles so that it may be easy for a layman to understand the real concept. I will post more such articles regarding issues of world importance which remain unclear in the minds of common man.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Criminal Sehwag.........

The dire scenes of Sri Lankan bowlers at the historical Brabourne stadium can ignite a war of words between Indian and Sri Lankan govt. The way Sehwag humiliated the greatness of Muttiah Muralirtharan is a sin to be even remembered in Sri Lanka. For Sangakarra there was nothing on boards to stop the 'Jat Juggernaut'.

Its beautiful to watch such great display of the batting art against a formidable team but such standards make other greats look small. Dravid's solidrock knocks, Tendulkar's mild speed knocks, Laxman's wristy and slow knocks suddenly seems to be far from glamour knocks. In the same innings sachin got on to his fifty in 90 balls. Well, some years back this would have been a brisk knock and still meaningful in 2009. But the mere velocity of things on the ground just 12 hours back diminished every other feat on the pitch. Nothing more to say about Sehwag.

Records kept editing and Sehwag became first Indian to mop up 6 double hundreds. He fell 7 runs short of 3rd triple century, which would have made him immortal as no soul could ever touch this feat. Still 3 of 4 fastest double hundreds and 5 of 10 are to his name. Is not this more than enough?

Also dismissal of Angelo Mathews at 99, throw some vital statistics:

Matthews’ dismissal was the 67th time a batsman has been out for 99 in Test cricket, and the 14th time one has missed out on three-figure glory by virtue of being run out. Fourteen out of 67 – this is an extraordinary ratio which illustrated the madness that can envelop the human soul when the tastily steaming baguette of personal triumph is within nibbling distance. Also, 20.9% of batsmen out for 99 have been run out – yet of the 59,237 Test dismissals that had occurred as of 5pm GMT on December 3, 2009, only 3.5% have been run-outs.

Batsmen on 99 are thus six times more likely to run themselves out (or, perhaps, have a sadistic team-mate run them out), than batsmen who aren’t already mentally picturing charging around with their arms in the air, kissing their helmets, waving their bats at any available camera, and cuddling the non-striking batsman.

There are statistics and there are statistics. And this statistic reveals the inherent nature of the human condition, and the potentially fatal pitfalls of personal ambition, as much as any play by Shakespeare. Arguably. Expect it to be on all school curriculums around the cricket-speaking world within months.

Friday, November 27, 2009

26/11...India struck again.....this time its chinese baba

After D-openhagen, climate in India is certainly going to change. The taboo of 26/11 hounded us back. Look at actions now....

United Nations Climate Change Conference to take place at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, between December 7 and December 18, 2009.....errrrr......rrr....there's the twist....

As of now in the post kyoto-protocol era, there was not great problems for India as G8+5 were never on the same line. Indians had time to cheer as there was not going to be any agreement next month at Copenhagen, as due to reluctance of developing nations, (happily china this time on our side) who were not at all in a mood to cut even a generator set carbon-emission - "The developed accumulated dirt in the world and let us add on. Its developed nations time to cut emissions, meet us after we develop"......Well who cares in India about such small dirt problems. Ask Jairam Ramesh.

But baba times are changed we are reluctant and doesn't change our habits, how could chinese baba....and when it comes to China-India at same for general knowledge of all climate data experts chinese have announced 40%-45% emission cuts. As per Xinhua official announcement on 26/11...

"The State Council announced Thursday that China is going to reduce the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP in 2020 by 40 to 45 percent compared with the level of 2005.

This is a "voluntary action" taken by the Chinese government "based on our own national conditions" and "is a major contribution to the global effort in tackling climate change," the State Council said.

In a meeting presided over by Premier Wen Jiabao Wednesday, the State Council reviewed a national task plan addressing climate change.

A press statement released Thursday said the index of carbon dioxide emissions cuts, announced for the first time by China, would be "a binding goal" to be incorporated into China's medium and long-term national social and economic development plans.

New measures would be formulated to audit, monitor and assess its implementation, said the statement."

So now after US, Chinese have followed the line and next in the line is great "sone ki chiriya"...ha....ha...ha..."India"...Look at the irony of Indians...we still have 300 million (UK+France+Germany) under poverty line but still we are under huge pressure as we are "developed in carbon emissions". Next few days are not easy for Indian top brass, who were not at all prepared for yet another Chinese shock (well we are never prepared for it since 1962). After huge targets set by chinese, nobody will be astonished to see Manmohan Singh govt. under huge pressure to take some affirmative action regarding the issue. The announcement came after indian delegation have left american main land for trinidad. This may be yet another chinese diplomacy to deprive India of any chance to have direct negotiations with the american top brass. Next time they meet, they will be at copenhagen. 26/11 proved fatal again.

Do you know - some facts about climate:

  • · One car produces 3.5 times its weight in carbon dioxide every year!! Imagine how that affects climate change!
  • · Ontarians (people of Ontario, Canada) produce around 10 billion tonnes of garbage each year. That is enough to fill the Skydome twice the height of the CN Tower!
  • · If we reduce junk mail by 25%, we can save 1.2 million trees! Talk to your parents about getting off mailing lists.
  • · Some facts that are NOT so cool: The 10 warmest years in history have all happened in the last 15 years! The 1980’s and 1990’s were the warmest decades ever recorded! The 20th century is the warmest globally in the last 600 years!
  • · The global sea level has risen on average 1.5 cm each decade over the last 100 years! Scientists believe that it could rise by as much as 95cm – nearly a whole metre – by 2100. Imagine if your house was on the beach!!!
  • · A well-tuned car emits up to 10% less carbon dioxide than a poorly tuned car. A well-tuned piano emits even less!
  • · Worldwide, a car is being built every second.
  • · The highest temperature ever recorded (in the shade) is 58 degrees celsius. This was in the Sahara desert.
  • · Who says we need to use gas! The fastest speed ever recorded in a steam-powered car was 234.44 km/hr! Talk about steaming! The fastest electric car traveled at 245.523km/hr!
  • · A mature oak tree can pump up to 4000 cups of water from its roots to its branches in one day. That’s approximately 2000 cans of pop worth of water!
  • · The oldest living thing is a 10,500 year-old Huon Pine tree.
  • · Because water continually cycles through the environment, you could be drinking water that was once inside a tyrannosaurus rex!
  • · One car’s used oil dumped down the drain can ruin a year’s supply of water for 50 people... or a day's supply of water for 18,250 people!
  • · Water covers 80% of the earth, but only 1% is drinkable.
  • · Light is made up of many colours – you can see some of them in a rainbow! The gases in the atmosphere absorb some colours and scatter others. The reason why our sky looks blue is because the atmosphere absorbs most colours and scatters the colour blue.
  • · A faucet drip or invisible toilet leak – totaling only two teaspoons per minute – uses up around 57 litres per day.
  • · This same small leak ends up wasting 20,630 litres per year!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Country Watch: North Kkorea........

Every object in the world starting from K...has something in common, either be a hindi family drama or communist korea. Both have a repeat of events in every 20-25 years of its history. In desi indian dramas characters change over to next generation but the bottom line remains same and in korea a new leader called by the name "Kim" comes after 20-25 years and rest all is same. Both are monotonous and ever boring. No intellectual would ever love it.

Overview of North Korea:

History: North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is a state in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. Its capital and largest city is Pyongyang. The Korean Demilitarized Zone serves as the buffer area between North Korea and South Korea.

The peninsula was governed by the Korean Empire until it was annexed by Japan following the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. It was divided into Soviet and American occupied zones in 1945, following the end of World War II. North Korea refused to participate in a United Nations–supervised election held in the south in 1948, which led to the creation of separate Korean governments for the two occupation zones. Both North and South Korea claimed sovereignty over the peninsula as a whole, which led to the Korean War of 1950. A 1953 armistice ended the fighting; however, the two countries are officially still at war with each other, as a peace treaty was never signed. Both states were accepted into the United Nations in 1991. On May 26, 2009, North Korea unilaterally withdrew from the armistice. The current leader is Kim Jong-il, son of the late Eternal President Kim Il-sung.

Country is normally in the abnormal state of emergency as there is nothing in the country to do. All modes of communications are severely controlled by the Kim Jong dynasty. Everything is monitored at such extent that as far as one can search data about this country in the world, i can bet that he even get a correct population figure.

Foreign Relations:

North Korea has long maintained close relations with the People's Republic of China and Russia. The fall of communism in eastern Europe in 1989 and disintegration of Soviet Union in 1991, resulted in a devastating drop in aid to North Korea from Russia, although China continues to provide substantial assistance. North Korea continues to have strong ties with its socialist southeast Asian allies in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

As a result of the North Korean nuclear weapons program, the Six-party talks were established to find a peaceful solution to the growing unrest between the two Korean governments, the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China, Japan, and the United States.

Most of the foreign embassies connecting with diplomatic ties to North Korea are situated in Beijing rather than Pyongyang.

What a foreign embassies even in pyongyang. Why the hell small boy Kim does such things? Every foreign tourist is even grouped with some other tourists and a special guide. Movement of tourists are restricted in certain areas (rather they are allowed to move in certain areas.) North Korea (other than Pakistan) is the only state to have no registered NRI's (Non Resident Indian) in country. Look the extent to which they are closed.

They dont have food, they dont have any significant industrial economy but they have only military that too, to fight only South Korea (similar to pakis who exercise to fight indians only). Some key developments include military accomplishments only which includes manufacture of Taepodong missiles, nuclear tests and 20000 cell phones in the whole nation. Internet sites have servers in germany rather than their motherland. Why the hell they exist even? A special permission from Kim Jong ministry is to be obtained to buy TV and radio. God, king, leader everything is Kim Jong and eternal god is his father who is another Kim. Recent reports revealed 72% dont believe in god (highest)..well who would believe after being made to live like a captive in his own country and that too after independence.

The only thing i can suggest for improvement is to change the name North Korea to North Kkorea as ekta kapoor did for her family soaps and her life changed forever. Long live, small Kim. Hope next ruler has a different name. School children has easy assignments as most of the general knowledge answer of the questions regarding their country is 'Kim'. Idiot.

And if we the people of this world want to do anything, is invade North Korea (though China will use its veto power to stop it as china does everything to oppose most). A look at the picture at start shows a grim reality of North Korea. The satellite picture shows the korean peninsula at night. Look at difference between two

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If Sachin becomes Hitler.........India will convert to Nazi.....

This would have been my last blog if I substitute some other names instead of Sachin.

"Welcome to India"....naa...."welcome to land of sachin"....this was the welcome message by my cricket crazy brother as i arrived back from London last month. Times of India was the first thing I had when I reached my room and there was the 5'5" man with the tallest stature in the country, everywhere in the newspaper, right there in the news channels. This man has potential to defeat Kim Jong in North Korea in dictatorship elections if Koreans start watching cricket.

Sachin, a household name in the cricketing countries and a god in India has really been the most un-controversial and most liked celebrity of all times in India. He is really a celebrity among celebrities. What makes him acquire such a cult size in the country of various ethinicities ?

My mathematical calculations is all failed in this assessment. One important factor that i see favoring the man was - he was a batsman and first star of developing india of 1990's. Sunny Gavaskar's batting also made whole country dance to his music but Gavaskar is just a fraction of what sachin can dig out. Again, the sweet innocent personality of barely crossing teenage still calls for a band of followers. Next the arrival of fast ODI in 1990's from slow test affected ODI in 1980's and simultaneous fire powering way of sachin's batting made him a hero of population-big thinking-small country. His magnificient talent in both versions of cricket added to the glory. Well thats just 3-4 verses of "Sachin-mahabharta" and just he is Sachin makes every reason small thereafter.

Well now after 20 glorious years of carrying a billion expectations everytime and still maintaining a high success rate can make anyone star. So now he is a star, sorry mega star or whatever star he may be, there is one established truth...Sachin is ahead of everyother personality in this country.

I suggest this guy to be a dictator after he retires from the game. There is no provision in our constitution to become a dictator but still he can be democratically elected to the highest ranks in the government and then pass an "enabling act" (referred to enabling act of hitler) and acquire every power.

Now after the guy is set as a dictator, everything in this country is under Sachin and we swear by his name, mothers prefer "sachin" as the name of their first male child, colleges & universities go by his name and everything now on and around this guy.

This could also be favorable to internal policies as there is no point of opposing anything passed and authorised by Sachin. And we can really progress in many fields as there wont be any hurdle if once said by Him. "Sachin can never be wrong"

..........This is just an illusion and i in this real world know that nothing as such is going to happen but this is my tribute to my favorite player and favorite in every list he is eligible for. I can seriously argue that if Sachin follows towards any way, there are millions in this country who will blindly follow him......Amen Sachin...Heil Sachin

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Berlin(1930's) to Beijing(2009)......Its Asia this time

Recent military muscle flexing of the pseudo-communists have shown a new hidden reality of the "peaceful-rise" doctrine. A blatant warning for the Japanese, Indians, Taiwan and other small coins of south-eastern pockets. Going through the course of events a very close similarity could be drawn with the events of Europe aka Germany circa 1930.

Resorting to Versailles treaty Germans were shattered and in revengeful mood through 1920's. The "Great Depression" of 1929 further devalued the economic gains after hard years of sky-high inflation of previous years. Rise of Hitler (Nazis) to power brought a new order in German society followed with a new order in Europe and the world changed forever.

I find a deep similarities in the events there after. Till this point China and Germany had different stories. But they had common dangerous ideological dreams. Germany at the start was relegated to a 2nd order nation of europe after the WW1. China in 1970's was also a 2nd order nation in world rankings. But both the countries with their rich historical memories had still a point to prove to the world - they can still form a force and deserve to be in the front league. Germans started their reforms and underground production of military equipments started on a war scale in early 1930's along with the economic recovery. The same path China has followed. They have build a robust manufacturing economy with a large labour force. Their high ambitions in all the current domains of the world has been given a cover under the policy of their "peaceful rise". Well Germany in the initial years had a massive production and was rising in every field. By far all's well as there was no breach of sovereignty of any other nation. Now,

Military displays of German Wehrmacht at Nuremberg with the vast display of deutsche military might was a perfect equivalent of Chinese 60th anniversary celebrations. Nazi Germany was not as threatening in the initial years as it proved in future. Chinese ambitions are also not of red zone levels but still both countries have/had serious border conflicts with the neighbours.

Now could the future be same......who is going to be the next poland, france, austria etc. Well comparing the conditions in both the continents:

Taiwan is ready to be Austria. "Chinschluss" a parallel of "Anschluss" could well fit in this jigsaw. Austria being regarded as once the part of Holy Roman Empire was annexed by Nazi w/o bloodshed as they had a common ethnic population. Chinese have a similar resemblance with Taiwan and seeing the military might of China Taiwan can get ready for "Chinchluss".


India as by recent differences in Sino-India relations, could well fit in the space of Poland. Not a big deal that Inner Chinese high circles might be considering Indians as Slavs or sub-humans synonymous with the polish-slavs of eastern europe. And Pakistan (though Pakistan could never be compared to mighty Soviets but for initial bad part they are well suited) could play initial part of soviet union in attacking Poland(India) as their differences are as wide as oceans and will be traditional foes for atleast this millenium. Their could be "Jeichi-Qureshi Pact" be signed to divide and distribute India through "Huzon line". And fate of India would be sealed forever as Nazis and Soviets had thought in 1939.

Now after India succumbs to the might of Chinese on their northern and eastern front, Pakistan could start a war on western front to carve its share. End of India. Western powers may start negotiations now and may even ban some dairy imports from China. US, unlike 1930s neutral player, may step in but mostly at negotiation levels as $800billion of small-eyed people is enough to hit economics loving Americans hard.

Nazi history or any reference without Jews is injustice to very thought of Nazism. So who is ready for the mass slaughter of new levels - not far Tibetans. For Chinese they are the only problem in this world. And rather root of every Chinese problem. So their mass exterminations by pushing them off the cliffs of Himalayas by 2-3 million PLA men would be the "Final Solution". Well in comparison with Nazi army population our Chinese brothers have no problem of human supply. They have whole European population with some additional African states together.

France, Belgium and Netherlands:

Now to show their real might there must be some real big victory and as swift as "Fall of France", pocket states of Belgium and Dutchland. Japan is well in this position. Right now its a dominant force of the east and still their military capabilities are as low as France of 1939. Though common public may have an impression of same samurai's of WW2 but their only belief is now making robots and all nano devices. But this not nanao rather it is Giga- as they must be ready to pay for their real crimes of 1930's Nanking massacre and in comparison to Nazis they are a big fish to be caught. Koreas may play belgium and netherlands as they dont have time to fight. Let chinese rule - who cares baba(chinki-minki bhai bhai)...north koreans may still think chinese as their liberators ( as they are really bored of the same name of their leader since 1953)....Hu will be classic change....

By far everything is same and great for nazis and chinese. Swift victories over every side.

Balkans (Greece and smaller states):

Pockets of ASEAN nation could well be equivalent to small balkan nations with Vietnam be a Greece. They will be overun with smae blitz.

Britain & Soviet Union:

No country in current world could be Britain alone. Rather current Russia could play part of Britain and Soviet Union together. Initial part they are bombed heavily in Moscow as equal to London Bombings, and then a rapid advance of PLA into Russian mainland similar to that of Opeartion Barabarossa. But the rapid gains would soon be boiled off after the russians start back and come to play their real part again as they did in WW2.

Hahhaahahahah................thats the world war - 2 retake in Asia. The chinese are defeated finally by the russians and india and japan and smaller nation forces. Peace back in the world and the real europe and the new europe is now at par. Ameriga.......ahhahaah.....let people enjoy still far from main battlefield as they enjoyed in WW2.