Sunday, November 22, 2009

Berlin(1930's) to Beijing(2009)......Its Asia this time

Recent military muscle flexing of the pseudo-communists have shown a new hidden reality of the "peaceful-rise" doctrine. A blatant warning for the Japanese, Indians, Taiwan and other small coins of south-eastern pockets. Going through the course of events a very close similarity could be drawn with the events of Europe aka Germany circa 1930.

Resorting to Versailles treaty Germans were shattered and in revengeful mood through 1920's. The "Great Depression" of 1929 further devalued the economic gains after hard years of sky-high inflation of previous years. Rise of Hitler (Nazis) to power brought a new order in German society followed with a new order in Europe and the world changed forever.

I find a deep similarities in the events there after. Till this point China and Germany had different stories. But they had common dangerous ideological dreams. Germany at the start was relegated to a 2nd order nation of europe after the WW1. China in 1970's was also a 2nd order nation in world rankings. But both the countries with their rich historical memories had still a point to prove to the world - they can still form a force and deserve to be in the front league. Germans started their reforms and underground production of military equipments started on a war scale in early 1930's along with the economic recovery. The same path China has followed. They have build a robust manufacturing economy with a large labour force. Their high ambitions in all the current domains of the world has been given a cover under the policy of their "peaceful rise". Well Germany in the initial years had a massive production and was rising in every field. By far all's well as there was no breach of sovereignty of any other nation. Now,

Military displays of German Wehrmacht at Nuremberg with the vast display of deutsche military might was a perfect equivalent of Chinese 60th anniversary celebrations. Nazi Germany was not as threatening in the initial years as it proved in future. Chinese ambitions are also not of red zone levels but still both countries have/had serious border conflicts with the neighbours.

Now could the future be same......who is going to be the next poland, france, austria etc. Well comparing the conditions in both the continents:

Taiwan is ready to be Austria. "Chinschluss" a parallel of "Anschluss" could well fit in this jigsaw. Austria being regarded as once the part of Holy Roman Empire was annexed by Nazi w/o bloodshed as they had a common ethnic population. Chinese have a similar resemblance with Taiwan and seeing the military might of China Taiwan can get ready for "Chinchluss".


India as by recent differences in Sino-India relations, could well fit in the space of Poland. Not a big deal that Inner Chinese high circles might be considering Indians as Slavs or sub-humans synonymous with the polish-slavs of eastern europe. And Pakistan (though Pakistan could never be compared to mighty Soviets but for initial bad part they are well suited) could play initial part of soviet union in attacking Poland(India) as their differences are as wide as oceans and will be traditional foes for atleast this millenium. Their could be "Jeichi-Qureshi Pact" be signed to divide and distribute India through "Huzon line". And fate of India would be sealed forever as Nazis and Soviets had thought in 1939.

Now after India succumbs to the might of Chinese on their northern and eastern front, Pakistan could start a war on western front to carve its share. End of India. Western powers may start negotiations now and may even ban some dairy imports from China. US, unlike 1930s neutral player, may step in but mostly at negotiation levels as $800billion of small-eyed people is enough to hit economics loving Americans hard.

Nazi history or any reference without Jews is injustice to very thought of Nazism. So who is ready for the mass slaughter of new levels - not far Tibetans. For Chinese they are the only problem in this world. And rather root of every Chinese problem. So their mass exterminations by pushing them off the cliffs of Himalayas by 2-3 million PLA men would be the "Final Solution". Well in comparison with Nazi army population our Chinese brothers have no problem of human supply. They have whole European population with some additional African states together.

France, Belgium and Netherlands:

Now to show their real might there must be some real big victory and as swift as "Fall of France", pocket states of Belgium and Dutchland. Japan is well in this position. Right now its a dominant force of the east and still their military capabilities are as low as France of 1939. Though common public may have an impression of same samurai's of WW2 but their only belief is now making robots and all nano devices. But this not nanao rather it is Giga- as they must be ready to pay for their real crimes of 1930's Nanking massacre and in comparison to Nazis they are a big fish to be caught. Koreas may play belgium and netherlands as they dont have time to fight. Let chinese rule - who cares baba(chinki-minki bhai bhai)...north koreans may still think chinese as their liberators ( as they are really bored of the same name of their leader since 1953)....Hu will be classic change....

By far everything is same and great for nazis and chinese. Swift victories over every side.

Balkans (Greece and smaller states):

Pockets of ASEAN nation could well be equivalent to small balkan nations with Vietnam be a Greece. They will be overun with smae blitz.

Britain & Soviet Union:

No country in current world could be Britain alone. Rather current Russia could play part of Britain and Soviet Union together. Initial part they are bombed heavily in Moscow as equal to London Bombings, and then a rapid advance of PLA into Russian mainland similar to that of Opeartion Barabarossa. But the rapid gains would soon be boiled off after the russians start back and come to play their real part again as they did in WW2.

Hahhaahahahah................thats the world war - 2 retake in Asia. The chinese are defeated finally by the russians and india and japan and smaller nation forces. Peace back in the world and the real europe and the new europe is now at par. Ameriga.......ahhahaah.....let people enjoy still far from main battlefield as they enjoyed in WW2.


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  2. China today holds some $1 trillion of U.S. public debt, and world is hooked on cheap Chinese goods. China, meanwhile, has continued to post impressive growth statistics despite the Great Recession.No doubt "this fragile superpower " is intend to repeat the history.....very well written Ram ji Bhaiya